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Hood decontamination, fume hoods

• Cleanrooms ISO Class 1-9

• Laminar Flow Hoods

• Hood Decontamination

• Biological Safety Cabinets

• BSL 1, 2, 3

• Fume Hoods

• Professional Reporting

• Depyrogenation Ovens

• HEPA Filter Replacement

• Airflow Surveys

• Motors/Blowers Replacement

• Emergency Service

• Quality Assurance

GorillaGrid walkable ceiling, cleanroom

HEPA Integrity, ISO and EU Particle Counts, Air Change Rates, Viable Environmental Sampling, Room Pressure Testing and certifications and Room Recovery Testing and certifications. As built, at rest, and operational. Pre and post construction certification.

NSF, CETA, ASHRAE and IEST certifications for BSCs, Fumehoods, Laminar Flow Benches, Animal equipment and any equipment needing flow or HEPA filter certification. BSL 1, 2, 3

Cleanroom air and water balancing, pharmaceutical compounding facilities, vivarium facilities, critical gauge calibration and the full range of secondary cleanroom testing.

• Product Yield Optimization

  Product Compatibility Testing

• Energy Efficiency Optimization

• Ongoing Maintenance

• Smoke studies and CFD flow


• Large Scale HEPA Filter

  Change Outs

• Standards and

  Compliance Review

• Additional Services Available

  Upon Request

• ISO 14644  • NSF / ANSI 49  • USP 797/800  • IEST-RP-CC

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